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Bunny Hug Session #1: Getting Out Of Your Box

Welcome to Bunny Hug Session! This will be a series of small talks (about 3-5 minutes long) where I discuss anything under the bright blue skies. This is not TED Talk or Pecha Kucha. This is an opinion platform where anyone who watches can exchange comments, creatively, constructively and civilly.

While my thoughts definitely deviate from yours, I expect a higher level of respect from and to anyone who post theirs and join the conversation. We can all be better by being kind with our words. Let's spread positivity faster than COVID19 spreads its lethal power.

I hope you all had a great summer! It's Bunny Hug Weather!

First up! Getting out of your box! Why are people fearful to leave their sanctuary? Why don't people jump off their boxes? It could be a lot of things. Here are my thoughts - 3C! Changes, Challenges and Compliance! Let's talk, shall we?

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