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Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY) 2021

The Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY) 2021 is happening in less than a month. This is an annual event happening across Canada to fundraise for the different shelters operating to extend essential services to our disenfranchised members of society.

This year like any other year, the Lloydminster Social Action Coalition Society (LSACS) is once again taking part in this event and is aiming to raise $20,000.00 to help in the operation of the three important facilities it operates, namely: The Lloydminster Men's Shelter, the Lloydminster Community Drop-In Centre, and the Gibney House Transitional Housing.

These three facilities are put up in place to serve a larger number of community members, including women, children, and families. Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, the LSACS worked hard to open two of these facilities (Men's Shelter and Community Drop-In Centre) 24/7 to reduce the footprints of our vulnerable society members to avoid the possible infection and spread of COVID-19 exposure and to offer a safe place to warm up and have a healthy meal in the colder months.

How could you help LSACS through CNOY? There are several ways:

  1. Be a sponsor. Monetary and goods and services. All the needed information is available via the official CNOY website, (The sponsorship PDF Package is available in my Resources Sub Page for you to download).

  2. Assemble a team of walkers. Build up your team and choose the option to Register or to Fundraise in order to meet the LSACS target. You can enter as many team members as you want and have your family and friends involved. Due to COVID-19 health and Safety Protocols, you will have the option to join in our in-person walk or walk virtually. You can have your team walk around your block or on the thread mill and make sure to share your videos or photos with us using the hashtag CNOY2021 (#cnoy2021). We are ensuring that all health regulations and safety protocols pertaining to COVID-19 will be followed at all times before, during, and after the event.

  3. Be a volunteer. You can sign up to serve in different committees working during the event. Again, all the important information you need to know is available on our website.

One important note, the fundraising will remain open 30 days after the event, so all the teams who signed up and all individuals, organizations, clubs, and groups who are still wanting to donate to the fundraiser can do so.

If you have a particular question regarding how we do the event in our locality, please feel free to contact me at 306.830.6177 (cellular) as I am working from home. You can also send me an email at for more information and details.

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