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Bunny Hug Session #3: Fall, Harvest, & Thanksgiving

There is a different spirit of community that the fall season brings. Perhaps harvest plays a vital role. While it is ironic to witness the leaves die, decolorize and fall to the ground, a spirit of community rises that allow people to come together and enjoy the feast.

Of course, the chilly mornings that everyone braves trying to finish the harvest before the snow comes, and the long crispy nights that allow families and friend to gather around the fire build relationships and strengthen bonds within families and friends. Who does not want to gather around the fire and enjoy some smores and some hot cocoa (or beer) without the annoying mosquitoes, really?

Fall is also the time when bunny hugs (hoodies in other parts of the world) go missing as we tend to get cozy on brisky nights while we walk our "special someone" home after the fire. It's a romantic atmosphere for young lovers and even for the young at hearts.

Autumn is the season of great anticipation. Kids look forward to Halloween, hot chocolate and pumpkin pies; well, probably not so much on the pumpkin pies, and adults decorate their houses with autumn ornaments. As a family, everyone looks forward to thanksgiving to gather together and make fun of everyone's weight gain. Not to forget the first snow fall, which literally lurks around the corner waiting for the perfect timing to ruin some crops still waiting for harvest Joking aside, fall is the season to give thanks not only for the bountiful reap but for the rough patches we have gone through and won. It is a season to enjoy the fruit of the land and the work of our hands, and to share stories of our loved ones who used to sit down at the table in remembrance.

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