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Thin Layer of Ice

It’s Spring! Second under this pandemic. Soon as the snow melts down the drain, everything will be muddy, slushy and ugly – perhaps, dirty is the more correct term.

We have survived another grueling winter and another wave of the COVID19 pandemic; and for us to be breathing and grinding the life that is, is a huge consolation. Fathom this – you get to wake up everyday and get to see and experience both the good and evil sides of life; that in itself is a miracle.

Another long cold season is over. Slowly, like how we strip our garments layer after layer for the warmer days, this is another time to contemplate and realize that life is indeed like the many seasons that come and go, harsh, unforgiving, bleak, warm, nice, pretty much all at the same time.

There are days when we have to bear heavy burdens – the mistreatment from others, the injustice from the system, social restlessness and mental fatigue; and there will be days when we walk on sunshine – we do ourselves and others a favor, we reciprocate generous deeds or we make a soul smile. Still, we march forward. All of these are constant reminders that like any other human being, none of our existence is special. We are never special. We will never be special. We all go through the same kind of journey, good, bad or ugly. No one is excused, no one is exempted. The only difference is how we take care of our own business and how we make it through.

Regardless of what paths we are going through right now, have a stroll around. Appreciate everything that your eyes can gaze upon. Go out with your skateboard or bike, hold the hand of your love ones and walk by the lake or around the pond. The garden is now a workplace waiting to be toiled. Enjoy the fresh air like you enjoy your first kick of caffeine in the morning.

Look at those flock of wild ducks slowly heading back into their natural habitat. Stare at them – their feet struggle, yet they walk above an icy lake surface, slowly but safely. Learn from them – they migrate for survival. Emulate them – they are brave and courageous little creatures; exposed out there in the harshest of weathers, yet they make it through, naked.

Stare at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? Did you ever think you are lucky? You are sheltered from a bad storm, you expect three meals throughout the day and snacks to nourish your body in between (beer is a bonus). You do not scavenge or never have to fight nasty onlookers for food in the middle of the wilderness (Pizza Hut delivers, McDonalds has cheap meals, call SkipTheDishes and UberEats), you do not sleep hanging on a tree (king size bed is now cheaper by the dozen).

So what is your trouble, really? Gratefulness is a gift where the cycle of generosity starts. Life is always a never ending battle of your inherent righteousness and the monster hiding under your bed or the skeleton in your closet.

So, no matter what time of the day it is or wherever you stand; no matter how you look at it, sober or under the influence; how thankful are you, really, to be alive above a thin layer of ice?

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